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Illustrated Map of the Cornell Campus

Here's an illustrated map I did of Cornell's beautiful campus, with the buildings of each college color-coded using the key at the right. To see in full detail, click on the image and then use the PDF zoom function to expand. To return here, use the browser's back button.



Drawing of McGraw Tower

Here's another drawing I did, this one of McGraw Tower, Cornell's iconic edifice.



Drawing of Milstein Hall

Now for something very new -- Cornell's very cool Milstein Hall, an expansion of Sibley Hall, home of the architecture school.



My Freshman Dorm Room in South Baker Hall

Here's a pencil drawing I did of my dorm room in South Baker Hall in May of 1967 for Engineering 103 (Engineering Drawing). My teacher was Prof. Noble Abrahams, a meticulous yet caring retired Navy Commander who sent each of his students a card on their birthday.


WVBR's "Top 40 Dean's List" of Songs from the Summer of 1966

Here's WVBR's "Top 40 dean's list" of songs mailed to all incoming freshmen in the summer of 1966. The music sure was great back then, and still is now!! Fortunately, I kept all my vinyl and can still hear them in their full/analog (sometimes scratchy) fidelity.


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