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Outstanding performers Toyota, IKEA, Southwest, FedEx, and the New England Patriots (football team) are in vastly different businesses but have one thing in common -- their  system is the star. The winning formula in today's most successful businesses is no longer a few star individuals or products that produce flashes of success, but a star organizational system. To create a star organization, leaders must begin to see and think like architects, holistically designing and integrating their organization's many components into a high-fit system tailored to its target market. Essential to this challenging task are a whole system design process, principles, framework, and toolset. Beautifully illustrated in full-color, Mastering Organizational Architecture (2007), provides these design resources along with numerous examples and case studies. To look inside, click on the cover graphic. To order, see below.
Who should read it?  Senior and mid-level managers, strategic planners, HR and OD managers and consultants, management consultants, MBA faculty and students.

Want to unleash the half of our human brain superbly wired for visual processing but often underutilized in business planning and decision-making?  Envisioning Business (2007), can help. It takes an elegant and rigorous approach, providing a broad array of frameworks, methods, guidance, and examples that span the areas of mapping markets, orchestrating innovation, gauging performance, and architecting the organization. Detailed examples are provided for the healthcare, digital media/electronics, and automotive industries. To look inside, click on the cover graphic. To order, see below.
Who should read it?  Senior and mid-level managers, marketing and R&D managers, strategic planners, management consultants, MBA faculty and students.

Are you seeking a grounding and empowering life vision to help you clarify purpose and path, love and work in today's real-time sound-byte world? Through the use of 7 penetrating and awareness-raising visual "frames," Vision for Life! (2008) gives readers a means to rise above this day-to-day fray to a higher plane. Here openness and perspective expand, bringing principles for right living and possibilities for the way forward into view. Richly illustrated in full color, this genre-bending, eye-opening book is more about learning from pictures than paragraphs. To look inside, click on the cover graphic. To order, see below.
Who should read it?  Individuals/leaders seeking personal or professional vision and growth as well as those seeking to help others achieve it, including executive and life coaches.

Pricing and Shipping Information:

Envisioning Business (176 pages 8.5"x11") and Mastering Organizational Architecture (220 pages 8.5"x11") are US $49.50 each plus tax where applicable with free 2-day shipping in the U.S. When bought and shipped together, the price is US $89.50. For all three books bought and shipped together, the price is US $109.50.

Vision for Life! (112 pages, 8.5"x8.5") is US $24.50 plus $5.00 for 2-day shipping/handling in the U.S. (plus tax where applicable). Additional books in the same mailer are only $1.50 extra s/h up to a maximum of 4 per mailer (i.e., 2 books = $6.50 s/h; 3 books = $8.00 s/h, and four book = $9.50 s/h). Have an extra one on hand - they make great/unique gifts suitable for the coffee table.

To Order:  

Simply email your order, name, and mailing address to books at kampasresearch dot com. We'll send you an email invoice via PayPal so you can pay electronically using a credit card on their secure site. (Note: shipping to most European countries is US $10 extra for one book, $15 for two or three). Books are typically shipped within a day or two of order completion.


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