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What Our Clients Say...

  "Five stars for skills in making a difficult world of communication easy to understand."

"Extremely interesting modeling system -- brilliantly developed."

"Better overview of the future of computing power, etc. than I've seen anywhere else."

"Great information. Helped me see new potential in my industry. Helpful to understanding customer needs also."

"Extremely insightful and very, very thought provoking."

"An incredibly enlightening session. It scared the hell out of me..."

"Powerful stuff, a tremendous macro model of a very complex market, in a comprehensive but small tidy package."

"Excellent class - one of the most valuable I have ever taken."

"My mind has been constantly thinking of new and better ways to view the future."

"Brilliant, very interesting, and great delivery"

"It helped me get out of tunnel vision!"

"This was one of the most interesting presentations of coupling the socio-technical issues of today that I have seen.  
  Every board room in every company around the world should understand this." 




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