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Photographs of distinguished automobiles digitally enhanced with painterly effects.
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Our current P/Gs include:
> 1958 Jaguar XK150
> 1963 Corvette Stingray
> 1960 Mercedes 300SL  
> 1941 Pontiac "Woodie"
> 1955 Aston-Martin DB5
  ...and more.

See my illustrated map of the Cornell campus along with drawings of McGraw Tower, Milstein Hall, and my freshman dorm room -- plus WVBR's "Top 40 Dean's List" of songs from the summer of 1966 sent to all incoming freshmen.
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DEC Is Dead, Long Live DEC

Harvard Bus'n Review: 
  How to Identify Your Enemies Before They Destroy You
MIT Sloan Mgt Review:
   Shifting Cultural Gears in Technology Driven Industries
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Paul Kampas 1994-2013   


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
                                                          --  Einstein

The benefits of thinking "outside the box" are numerous, including a greater likelihood of not only surviving change, but thriving on it. In business and other institutions, however, we typically get stuck thinking inside three boxes:
1.  In the Talent Box, we tend to think like Experts -- devoted to our view of how the place works and how things should be done, as opposed to thinking like Evolvers, who can see multiple points of view, and believe there are always better ways of doing things -- and look for them.
2.  In the Organization Box, we tend to think like Owners -- champions and protectors of our title and turf (silos), as opposed to thinking like organizational Architects, who seek to make the whole much greater than the sum of its parts (and thus a competitive advantage).
3.  In the Strategy Box, we tend to think like Producers -- very fond of our existing offerings and quarterly revenues, as opposed to thinking like Reinventors, who strive to devise new channels, create new forms of customer value, and find new profit formulas.
These three boxes inevitably limit our ability to drive change, and when we get around to reacting to change driven by others, it is often too little, too late. This predicament can be visualized as "thinking inside the triangle" -- the Expert | Owner | Producer triangle as shown above. Breaking out, and staying out of this triangle requires shifting from a static, incremental approach into a more dynamic, innovative one. We call this shift the "Triple Leap" -- to the Evolver | Architect | Reinventor model, where sustainable growth and success -- and more fun -- are mutually achievable. 
Can your organization benefit from thinking outside one or more these three boxes? If so, we can help -- by providing consulting, training, presentations, books, and coaching as described below:
>> The Talent Leap:
--  Making the Leap from Expert to Evolver:  This is a 3-hour workshop (with individual coaching available) that is designed to help facilitate a shift from an Expert mindset to an Evolver mindset. Based on the seminal thinking about human development by Piaget, Maslow, Kohlberg, Kegan, and others, this shift in mindset opens up new capacity for growth, including transformational improvement. As a result, skill training can be more successful as well as less necessary because many desirable leadership skills and behaviors come naturally to Evolvers. See more in our Expert-to-Evolver Brochure.  
Have too much stress? Experts can find themselves alone, stressed under the "hero's burden" (like Atlas to the right). Evolvers are more able to collaborate and delegate, sharing the risks and rewards.
>> The Organization Leap: 

Organization Design and Architecture:   Workshops, presentations, and consulting (evaluation and design) services are available based on the methodology described in our book Mastering Organizational Architecture. Additional examples of our approach can be seen at: Innovative Organizations and Organizational Barriers.
>> The Strategy Leap: 
--  Strategic Visioning and Planning:  Traditional strategic planning consulting services are available, including situational analysis, competitive analysis, market mapping, scenario planning, and strategic plan development. We use a highly visual approach as can be seen in our book Envisioning Business, where the value-creating systems of entire industries are revealed.

  "I worked with Paul on the book "DEC Is Dead, Long Live DEC." His graphical models are very
   powerful and clear, and his argument for taking strategy to a total system level is highly
   relevant to today's managers and leaders." 
        Edgar H. Schein -- Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management.

  "Your book Mastering Organizational Architecture is wonderful, and has served as the core 
   reference for development of SHA's new organizational architecture. It is transforming."  

          Charles Head -- President & Principal, Sanborn, Head & Associates

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