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Paul Kampas



Paul Kampas helps institutions to improve business strategy and performance via a highly visual/integrative approach to strategic planning, organizational architecture, and talent development. He has authored books and articles describing this approach, with publications in the Harvard Business Review and the MIT Sloan Management Review. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in engineering from Cornell.

His areas of practice and core competence include:

  • Strategic planning:  Helps leaders to develop sustainable excellence/advantage via product, technology, and business model planning. Utilizes original frameworks and “landscapes” to help clients visualize market, competitive, and business model structures and dynamics, and then to assess their current vs. desired position in those settings.

  • Organizational architecture: Helps leaders to visualize and assess their organization’s current state system (culture, learning, structure, infrastructure, processes, committees, etc.), and then to envision, design, and implement a higher performance future state system that fully implements their strategy. 

  • Talent development: Helps leaders and individual contributors (e.g., scientists, engineers, physicians, academics) move to a more open, collaborative mindset where they become natural leaders with an expanded capacity for vision, objectivity, adaptability, empathy, and influence.



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